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Floating on pillars - the Pine-villa

Harmonious proportions with a classical, modernist atmosphere, pavilion-like, transparent volume at the end with a pierced, transitional space expansion and neverending white surfaces are the main characteristics of the Pine-villa designed by István Bársony.

Building site

The building is located in a family house area of Szentendre, on an originally unbuilt building site. The site is located at junction of a small road and a dead end. The land is slightly sloping and has a creek at its lower end. On the neighboring lots there are family houses, as well. The lot has an extraordinary condition with spectacular trees (walnut, larch trees, fruit trees). Our aim was to preserve the existing large trees and the original outfit of the environment.

Program of design / Expectations and design solutions 

The two storey building is divided into two characteristic units. When designing the building, we adapted the functional and aesthetic expectations of the owners simultaneously with the optimization of the shape and orientation of the building site and environment. The house is surrounded by natural light from sunrise to sunset. The bedrooms and connecting spaces are well separated upstairs, with the advantage of orientation and tight functionality. The community area downstairs is connected to the garden. The client's expectations were fulfilled by the design solutions that offer to the owners clear appearance of the building and with its interior design, purity and functionality, as well. During the design we kept in our mind cost-effective feasibility and practical sustainability. For this purpose we used traditional construction technology, simple façade and structure. The noble simplicity of the appearance of the building creates a wonderful contrast with the surrounding nature.

Shaping and materials

The volume of the building was built in accordance with the interior features, so that the building can maximize the potential of the building site (view and sunshine). On the ground floor we designed a pavilion-like, transparent volume at the end with a pierced, transitional space expansion. The functionally well-spaced blocks were turned 90 degrees, offering a brilliant solution how to create a covered car storage. We tried to create harmonious proportions with a classical, modernist atmosphere. The building is characterized by white surfaces that harmonize with the volume, that characterized by the glazed surfaces with dark gray modern doors and windows. While the large clear surfaces with large glass doors on the ground floor make the block linked directly to the garden, the centrally arranged windows divide the first floor block. While the airy ground floor block has a direct contact to the garden and allow to open it in both direction, with lifting the more closed first floor block above the garden we wanted to create a strong effect, that can make an exciting contrast with the natural environment.

István Bársony

Budapest, 11.. September 2017



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