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Finish tower sweeping above water

"Emblematic bridge-like 'building', a penetrating, sustainable, well usable, potentially developable, airy facility. The site plan is remarkable because it specifies three different areas: visitors, competition and athlete zones." - says the final report of the jury, of the project of Áron Vass-Eysen, Tamás Máté, winning the first prize.

"The winning proposals' tower expands horizontally harmonizing with the tracking landscape and making no obstacle for the wind. Such a unique mindset has never been realized at any rowing tracks of the world before..." - Kálmán Petrovics, president of development in the Hungarian Rowing Association-MKKSZ.


The concept of the installation divides the area to competition and visitor functions, making its operation more transparent. We placed the emblematic Finish Tower at the peak of the splitter island following the orientation rules.

Finish Tower

We collected all functions into one floor and elevated it onto pillars.
A 90-meter-long, tightly constructed mass gliding above water, without diverting wind.

Áron Vass-Eysen, Tamás Máté



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