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Finding harmony with the old - farmhouse in Győrújbarát

The historical milieu and the natural environment are the primary properties of a site, this is from where the planning begins. Even if we are designing a building specifically for the future, we need to incorporate it into a wider context, at least according to Péter Vági and László Jaskó, who won first prize with their project. 

Our plan was created for the application called "Homes of the Future". During planning, we wanted to take the old and the new, emerging needs into consideration, and accordingly draw from all the architectural and lifestyle lessons from the past; furthermore, we aspired to learn about the possibilities of applying these values to Hungarian residential home architecture in the future.

Therefore, the planning was fundamentally defined by 'inheritance' as a concept that can be approached from two directions. On one perspective, tradition as a value which is represented by the 120-year-old farmhouse already present on the land. On the other, the environment as an irreplaceable treasure we must protect, not only in the present, but also in the future. We have tried to adapt the concept of the "future house" to both, and we believe that the key to sustainability is precisely this practice. To find harmony with the old, the environment, and also to deploy our own ideas and needs. The building of the future can only become a real home if it includes all the above aspects. The modern building can not only be seen in the technology and shape. The modern building uses everything that can be used from the past and the present, with conscious care for fitting into its own habitat and using every aspect of that for its operation.

Péter Vági


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