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Fernezelyi Gergely [5]

NEXON's new headquarter

The Hungarian-owned NEXON Hungary has built a new headquarters for itself. As a result of the rational thinking of the owners, a long-standing, high-quality, LEED GOLD-qualified building complex has been created with a long-lasting, exterior and interior similar color and design.

Monolithic stone scrap: family house

The parts of the building which are above surface are divided by triangular prism similar to Rubik's snake, similarly with the original game the blocks have been "rotated". These irregular mass of blocks gives playfulness to the exterior and interior of the buildings space composition. The...

As if it would be Bauhaus

At first glance one might suspect even some Bauhaus marks in the villa built on Rózsadomb in the 30s. The house was awakened from Sleeping Beauty's dream by the team of FBIS architects, where Janka Juhász and Ádám Reisz were responsible for the project. The villa was originally a bit rough...

House in Balatonfüred

Simple, hovering straw roof, natural materials - a house lowered into the hillside of Balatonfüred, planned by Fernezelyi-Basa Architects. Clean, elegant and contemporary - we publish the finished weekend house.