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Feretory in Úrkút

Simplicity and containment are the first properties that come to mind, when we encounter Dávid Kovács's built project in Úrkút.

Úrkút is a small village in Hungary situated in Bakony Hills, one of the most beautiful places in the country. The cemetery of Úrkút is on a hill-side facing southeast and the new feretory is at the highest point of this cemetery. There are two beautiful and high pine trees near the fence of the cemetery, and they render one architectural composition together with the building.

Feretory in Úrkút - architect, photographer: Dávid Kovács

On the way to the feretory, there is the gate of the cemetery and also square which are both decorated with crushed stone. The building was opened to the southeast direction and from the top covered space. The design of the feretory reflects the building’s environment.

It was made of white plaster facades. The influx of sunlight, the revealing mass of the building and the white walls are the mediators of the hope of revival.



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