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Family house in Zúzmara street

At the upper part of Budaörs, separeted from the busy part of the city there's a mountain, a chapel, some narrow little plots - it's an ideal place to live. GINKGO Architects designed a family house here inspired by the sight. 

The site is situated at the upper part of Budaörs, Frankhegy where swabians used to have their orchards. The area is separeted from the busy part of the city by Kőhegy, a lovely little mountain with a chapel on the top. This part of the village inculdes narrow little plots situated tightly together. The geographical conditions are diverse. The plot within this area is next to a little valley where on the two sides of the valley the houses look at each other and toward the sight. 

The features of the plot – geometrical brake

The narrow plot runs up to the top of a hill, its shape is not fully parallel to the slope. Placing the house was inspired by the sight, the narrowness of the plot and the closeness of the neighbours so the long narrow mass of the house was situated at the top corner. The line of the house slightly brakes toward the direction of the slope as it reaches the front of the neighbour and the house turns to the valley and to the sight. This geometrical brake results a more private surrounding facade on the South and gives a proper place to approach the building from the street at the other side of the house.

Family house in Zúzmara street - architect: GINKGO Architects - photo: Balázs Danyi

Horizontal division – sloping terrain

The two storey building was divided horinzontally by function: The bedrooms and service functions are downstairs and all the ’social’ functions were placed upstairs. The architectural interpretation of the two floors are also different. The lower part is defined as a mass growing from the ground and the upper part as a separate element placed on the previous, bright, even levitating. This ambiguity reflects in the spatial configuration of the house; the rooms in the lower floor are separated by walls, strictly added next to each other, the functions in the upper floor are united in one airy room.

Family house in Zúzmara street - architect: GINKGO Architects - photo: Balázs Danyi

The interior elements reflect the architectural concept of the mass. The upper floor dominated by a large wood shelf running all along the house, emphasizing the geometrical brake of the house. This main interior element is separated by windows oriented to the view. The other dominating element of the interior is a single flight stair along the North side also following the geometry of the building.

Family house in Zúzmara street - architect: GINKGO Architects - photo: Balázs Danyi

The division of the funcions fit with the everyday usage of the house, creating three main outdoor space in the garden. The private functions have direct connection to the garden. The living room and the dining room can benefit from the big shared space and good sights to the nature. The upper mass shorter than the lower part creating two terraces with different usage. The one at the front rising above the valley gives a great sight to the mountains. The other terrace at the back reaches the level of the slope connecting the kitchen with the garden.

GINKGO Architects



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