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Extending the Period

The diploma-work of Zsófia Szigeti is an extension of her former school, which was in desperate need of new - primarily outdoor - spaces. While she incorporated the current building into her plan, she put the new functions, the gymnasium, the dining hall and the supplementary premises, in a new building. The relationship between the two buildings was created with an evolved garden.

Topic of the thesis

I have chosen the enlargement of the Valley of Arts Common Sustenance Primary School of Monostorapáti for the topic of my diploma. During the search for the subject, it became very clear to me that I will work with this theme because I grew up in this village and I also studied in this school. Even in that time, it could be felt on the part of the teachers and the students, that a reconstruction was necessary. As I have mentioned in the study, the lack of the gymnasium had always been a great problem, furthermore, it was intensified by the contracted education system. The school started to outgrow itself.

My main aim with this plan is to ensure worthy conditions to the high quality of teaching for the students, and for the teachers as well. Moreover, the required circumstances for development could be granted to every student. The transformation of the education system had a grand impact on the participants in the education. The increased number of lessons, the participation in the mandatory group works and the elevated lessons of physical education per week had become a burden.

Mock-up - architect: Zsófia Szigeti


I tried to solve this by creating adequate spaces, so I can make students love the participation in the education and the movement too, which are indispensable for their development. I would like to achieve that they live the moving as an experience, not as a constraint. These are the reasons why I have planned a new gymnasium which is suitable for the present needs, where the students can disengage and they can enjoy moving around.

The other main part of the plan is the solution for catering. As I have mentioned in the pre-study, the current dining hall is inadequate because of its location, size and functional form. After thinking over these problems, I have moved this function to the site of the school, therefore it had become easily available for the younger students (1-4th graders) too.

School - architect: Zsófia Szigeti


I intended to give something for the habitats too, hence it formed an integral part of my conception to involve the local community as well. I created a place for events, performances and sporting opportunities with the alternation and the planning of the new building. The modeling of the external spaces and to involve them in the education were very important to me. Besides these, I laid emphasis on the functional utility. Transparent plans were made which facilitate the utility of the building. I think it is crucial for a school to function well and smoothly, and to pay attention to the handicapped. I took into consideration these aspects in the planning of the new building.

In conclusion, the planning included the current building of the school. I put the new functions, the gymnasium, the dining hall and the supplementary premises in a new building. I created a relationship between the two building with the evolved garden. In my opinion, my planned buildings have the characteristics of contemporary architecture. The new one fits the extant environment, does not want to exceed, tries to show the image of a public building.

Facade - architect: Zsófia Szigeti

The completed plan is the result of my half year-long work. During that time I have met several new things and I have also learned a lot. I could get an insight into the education system from a planner's viewpoint, I could become acquainted with its difficulties. I am very pleased that I have found a solution to this problem, and I can create an opportunity for my village to provide better education to the students.

Zsófia Szigeti


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