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Exalted austerity – plan of a reformed church centre for Lencz-telep, Debrecen

In the future, the suburb called Lencz-telep in the southeastern part of Debrecen could be enriched with a new sacral centre. András Kovács made the plans of a reformed church for 100 Christian with a congregation house and a home for the pastor’s family with four children. Because of the low funds, the puritan church traditions and the demand of multifunctional use, the architect created a simple but homogeneous ensemble, which is organised around an inner courtyard and can be realized in more phases. The project is situated in one of the suburbs of Debrecen, in an area filled with family houses. The interior of the church will be able for multifunctional use which is emphasized by the connections with the congregation house and the courtyard. Simplicity appears in the exterior of the building, too: the white plastered elevations were articulated only by the openings with wooden lattice. It is an economic solution, to cover the sacral space of the church (and the other buildings) with low pitched roof which allows of raising the headroom and makes visible the wooden roof structure. The volumes of the congregation house and the pastor’s home do not want to compete with the higher cube of the church, and the slight campanile appears like a modern transcription of the conventional forms.

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