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Ethereal whiteness - the new Hegyvidék Gallery

The local municipality of the 12th district has recently asked for the help of students studying in the University of Applied Arts to collaborate in issues concerning the district. This time, the application was for the space formation of Hegyvidék Gallery.

The new gallery in the 12th district of Budapest is in a key position, as it is part of one of the most popular urban area renewal programmes, the "Hegyvidék" main street project.

Our proposal is meant to further stimulate the business of Királyhágó Square, aiming to increase the public space. The exclusive space of the gallery represents a progressive architectural quality, while it deals with the challenges of the existing circumstances. The three separate areas are organised into two separate axes of the gallery, creating one main homogenic gesture.

The gesture materialises in three components: the melted slab which connects the three existing levels of the gallery, the white finished walls, which are essential to the function and the illuminant emmissive surface of barrisol on the ceiling. The large glass opening has an additional function as a seat, while connecting the interior and exterior space. The manufactured furniture gives an extra functional layer to the grandiose space.

Zoltán Kalászi, Márton Pintér 


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