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Esztergom [7]

Point of view – Spectacle frame manufactory

Ákos Karancz, in his diploma-work, designed a manufactory producing unique frames for glasses implanted in the heart of the old town of Esztergom. He developed the plans for a complex, multifunctional building where the manufacturing process gives not only a function for the construction but a...

Port at Esztergom

Despite the Prímás Island in Esztergom having a ship station, passengers do not have a designated waiting room, since the station is only accessible for the ships’ company. Available places for waiting are the park and the local service buildings. Bódi Gábor's degree prize plan.

Bicycle centre in Esztergom

According to the latest plans, the bicycle path which follows the Danube River across Europe will cross Esztergom. To adapt to the expected increase in tourism Gábor Szarvas designed a bicycle centre in his bachelor diploma work. The project was nominated for the diploma award of the Szent...