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Emmeshed - sold plans for renovating Csepel

The aim of András Mészáros and Eszter Papp was to rejuvenate the building in a way that is sensitive to its history, creates a new image and economical. 

Our aim was to renew the building in a way that reflects the heritage of the Csepel area while looking at the future. The proposed building has an iconic silhouette, while our plan keeps the construction budget at an acceptable level.

The main problems of the existing building are the labyrinth-like organization and the ad hoc extensions for retail spaces added on more recently, the large, unattractive flat roof visible from hundreds of flats, and the overall featureless appearence.

The floor plan was completely rearranged to create a clear, straightforward organization with plenty of natural light and public space. A new stainless steel wire mesh was applied to the facade in a decorative, curvilinear form to create the iconic look. The simple flat roof was replaced with a green roof to show a friendlier face to neighbours.

Eszter Papp, András Mészáros



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