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Emarsys - office for the hidden community places

From startup to corporation, the Emarsys Office has not lost its playful character in time. Its new office designed by the Minusplus group is the new proof for a liveable workplace. 


The initial steps of the design of Emarsys Offices were an interview series with the leaders of the company, in which we defined the design program through organizational goals. New features such as auditorium for the whole labour, the bistro, the mini-meeting rooms (telephone booths) suitable for conferencing, and dressing rooms for those with bikes were all introduced. With the help of the detailed program, our real estate partner, OfficeSpotting mapped the suitable offices out on the market, and we drawed the planning program into the floor planes of the appropriate locations, and finally completed a comparative analysis of the total set of possibilities.

The most suitable space for the previously set organizational purposes was found in a shell-and-core area of the FirstSite office building, which occupies the entire second floor.


The image of the company itself is high-tech, according to the product being created, and its architectural equivalence was found in high quality and also in naturalness. The interior design was determined by the color of the company (blue), the rather practical design of the office space and the appearance of wood surfaces.
Accordingly, the rationally designed office spaces by the facades and the the two blue bars of the side walls encompass the Y floorlayout of the reception-cloak-storage multifunctional wooden furniture and the freeform zig-zagging of the rigid central core.


Emarsys' new office occupies a full level at the Realtanoda Street wing of the office building. The floor plan is relatively deep, but this is resolved by two inner courtyards. The geometric center of the office is a rubber-covered community hall, reception area and walkway around the staircase. Open offices were placed by the totally glased facades, while closed offices and meeting rooms are lined up along the two blind firewalls. These closed spaces look into the community zone through the large inner windows.

The geometric and logical design is stirred up by the reception areas' freeform layout. When you enter, you will see the stairs of the 50 person auditorium, which is also a lecture hall, a meeting room, an alternative workplace and a dining room around noon. These many features reach their goal, a steady living space is at the focus of the whole space. In the bigger spaces of corridors you can work around high-tech tables that are individually designed, to talk or to hold loose meetings. Attached to the staircase, we designed 3 phone booths with acoustical envelope to help make it easy to use. These are for online discussions or focused individual work. The discreet ambiance of open office spaces and meeting rooms is shaken up by the large number of custom-designed multicolour sound absorbing panels.

Rapid growth

The expansion of the company did not stop after moving in, and it soon became clear that the occupied space needs to be significantly increased. Thanks to the reasonable selection of site, the possibility of expansion was in the lower level of the building. Finally, the first floor is rented, and the two levels are connected by a new internal staircase.

Second phase

Suprisingly, the growth of the company from startup to corporation did the opposite in it’s architectural DNA, the ideas turned into free, elastic spatial and design solutions. This unforeseen change of direction is the answer for the colorful interior of the first floor. A new comporate identity brought a wide range of colors into the Emarsys spectrum, and we were motivated to use this new force in the community zones of the new level. Besides the same rational open office areas by the facades, we created a set of different spaces that help the daily routine and give random possibilities for a meeting or a chat. This includes different meeting rooms and a bistro called hütte.


We wanted to keep the whole Emarsys labour as a community, therefore, we kept the original entry on the second floor and connected the two floors via a unique inner staircase. As both levels of the office have different features, this creates an inner movement regarding the different activities of a workday. As a result, the community and the company is as powerful as ever.


Next two levels are rented, design is going on…

Akos Schreck, Gabriella Antal, Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb

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