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Elegant sheet music

It looks as if a sheet music is formed by the zigzag form of the roof. The lamellas, ensuring a playful appearance, and the view of the U-shaped inner court from the interior enhance the quality of the space experience. In her diploma-work – which received Marcel Breuer Diploma Award – Eszter Vogl MSc was looking for the answer to the question of expressing music in architecture.

Bicske is a culturally active and developing city, thanks to the Cultural Center and the Music School operating there. The latter needs a new building with a direct connection to the community house. The plan united two functions into one building complex. Based on the siting of the current cultural house, to gain a new construction site for the music school, the area could be expanded with the plot of two retail buildings listed to be demolished.

The design area had to be interpreted together with the urban fabric for not only performing the operational functions of the building but also settling the spatial connections and context of the city center. The building can be divided into two connected masses, the music school, and the cultural center.

Visualization - architect: Eszter Vogl


The main entrance to the music school opens from the south façade into a spacious lobby with a two-level high gallery design. The classrooms are lined up towards the rear wing. Upstairs the different music rooms are placed and dimensioned in accordance with the space requirement of the instruments and groups. From the end of the wing, one can come to directly approach the backstage of the cultural center. The cultural center can be accessed through an archway of filigree columns.

Visualization - architect: Eszter Vogl

A town with a scale like Bicske needs a variety of event rooms, but it would not be able to utilize them so that each function has a separate room. For this reason, a multifunctional performance hall (theater, concert, and ballroom) was designed. The mass of the building started from the two embracing, U-shaped polygons generated by the situation of the site. The basic masses are vertically divided into several smaller parts, in accordance with the internal functions.

The playful rhythm of the staggered roof, defined by the functional division, tries to lighten up the mass proportions. The architect wanted to make the vertically jumping roof parts airy with the use of a curtain wall installed with slender horizontal lamellas.


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