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Electrical supply shop in an industrial hall

The specialized shop of Haluxvill was moved to an old industrial building opposite to the Népliget. Now the sight of the new space is fresh and modern, the production lines were dismantled, the threshold was dusted, and after several decades the lamp was switched on again. Hundreds of lamps at once.

Two years ago, at first glance, the loft-like place was like a time travel – says the manager, who could feel the heavy air and the smell of oil in the factory building while walking around. In the old plant, located near the former Ganz site, he even found the dressing rooms and the executive office in a furnished condition. The gates of the factory building were closed several decades ago, but it was reopened in February 2018 as a modern business.

Hauxvill specialized shop - architect: Ziszidisz Nikosz - photo: Bálint Jaksa


In the course of time, the Haluxvill Electrical Supply Shop has grown from a family business to a successful company, and the current investment was the result of the growing customers’ demand. An old factory building was chosen for the purpose: a U-shaped facility near the Kőbánya site of the former Ganz-realm.

Hauxvill specialized shop - architect: Ziszidisz Nikosz - photo: Bálint Jaksa


In addition to the placement of the shop, the U-shaped area of 3,500 square meters also offered the opportunity to design an enormous storage space and a high-quality covered parking area. The clinker brick is beautifully represented, it dominates the sight on the façade and makes vertical articulation in the interior. The 7-meter ceiling height allowed the horizontal division too, and the glass parapets around provide a delicate edge. During the design, the biggest item was the divided glass wall, which gives the real character of the entrance. The luminaires are discrete, do not distract the attention from the sold products, and the anthracite gray lines make the space distinct and unique.



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