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buildings for educational purposes

Ludovika reborn

The National History Museum building, which had been empty for most of the time during the last decades, became the National University of Public Service’s (NKE) main building after a large-scale reconstruction based on the designs of István Mányi and Tihamér Szalay

Sustainability and Csoma Kőrösi

Building in one of the most inaccessible regions of the world, in a Tibetan cultural area of North India is only possible during the few summer months. Construction had to take place at a height of 4000 metres, with volunteers and local people, without electricity and from donations.

Mustard Seed kindergarten, Szolnok

Until 2007 there was no denominational educational institution in Szolnok. After the so-called 'banning' and 'tolerating' decades of socialism, congregations first had to clarify ownership of the real estate, and then renovate these totally 'exploited' properties. Only after this was done could...

Nursery at the boundary

The day-care center in Pilis was built as the first phase of a complex nursery-kindergarten center in 2012. The building was first occupied by children in August 2012. The architect Árpád Álmosdi put his thougts into words about the building designed by architects Marianna Ilyés and István...