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Agóra Scientific Adventure Center, Debrecen

Debrecen and its university campus were recently enriched with a unique attraction. The ‘Palace of Sciences’, which was opened in autumn 2014, primarily wants to arouse young people's interest in various research areas, but it offers substantial pastime for adults too – all this in the...

Renascent Gas Works – the Óbuda Campus of IBS

The revitalization of the special industrial ensemble in Budapest entered a new stage. The latest development in Graphisoft Park, which has been present and continuously expanding in this area over one and a half decades, filled the former office and community buildings of the factory with life....

Graphisoft Park, IBS Residence

The hostel was designed for the students of IBS — International Business School - by Vikár András, Lukács István, Bencsik Tamás, and Gál Árpád. Its free-standing mass is constructed of three parts, within a Y–like layout. 

Ludovika reborn

The National History Museum building, which had been empty for most of the time during the last decades, became the National University of Public Service’s (NKE) main building after a large-scale reconstruction based on the designs of István Mányi and Tihamér Szalay

Sustainability and Csoma Kőrösi

Building in one of the most inaccessible regions of the world, in a Tibetan cultural area of North India is only possible during the few summer months. Construction had to take place at a height of 4000 metres, with volunteers and local people, without electricity and from donations.