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buildings for educational purposes

School and sports hall

The building complex is made up from a renovated, modernized panel structured school and its most defining characteristic is the sports hall’s shed roof that has two functions as it provides the interior with scattered north light and serves as ground for solar panels on the southern slopes of...

Preserved small-town heritage

In small towns of Hungary even some parts of historical city centers were torn down in the Socialist-era to construct factory-made panel buildings. More recently, the housing market is doing the same damage for utilitarian condominiums. The urban design committees assist to it with giving...

New building of the Ludovica Campus

The development of the campus of this university was a logical step necessary for a longer time; whilst training was housed previously at various points in the city, it is now integrated on one and the same site. The basic formula of the building, which is a Z-shape, has several advantages.

Therapy center for the Down Association

On World Down Syndrome Day (that is 21 March) thanks to a one of a kind project in the industry, Rejtett Kincsek (Hidden Treasures) Down Association opened its second Inclusive Early Development Centre and Playhouse in Hungary, this time in Budapest.