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Dynamic Diagnostics

Just next to the sports centre and a museum of sports in Debrecen, on the eastern side of the stadium, a unique institution has been inaugurated: the Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Centre, designed by Zoltán Győrffy

The architect team aimed to design a place that breaks with the typical hospital-look and is more novel and welcoming. When walking through the building, one can really feel the presence of dynamism and sports, the style of the corridors follows up on the functionality. The diverse colours, besides giving a visual pleasure, are marking the directions. While the reception has a rather simple look, the corridors parting two ways operate – partially because of the lack of sunlight – with more daring ideas.

Nagyerdei Stadium - architect: Zoltán Győrffy - photo: Zsolt Batár



In order for the appreciation of the blue and yellow paint, even in a full waiting room, the designers decided to use flat doors. The walls, the floor and the doors all have the same intense colour which makes the planes merge one into another. For the impression of natural light, a foil stripe was installed above the doors as well as a suspended ceiling filled with lights lengthwise. The floor and the walls got a synthetic resin coating for the same reason.

Nagyerdei Stadium - architect: Zoltán Győrffy - photo: Zsolt Batár



Moreover, it is worth to mention the pictograms on the floor, one of the building’s information and direction systems, fitting perfectly to the design of the interior. The white stripes leading the way give the impression of being on a sports field instead of a health centre. The architecture of the examination and other rooms was motivated by functionality.



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