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Rakpart22 - Condominium and Office Building

The Rakpart22 is the first work of the newly formed Olla Architect Studio. It is their intention to put freshness in the property market in Győr, highlighting the mushroom-style growing condominium. The design details, the materials and the fresh colors are all intended to serve this purpose.

Square design with art-deco style

The angled walls were the basic element to the creation of the further interior design. From an interior design point of view Judit Dóró puts the emphasis on the angled walls which is visible in certain floor and wall coverings. Regarding the materials and the shapes she uses, the...

Under a green roof

The body of the building consists of two cuboids placed upon each other, connected by interior staircases at the centre point, and a two-level high external conservatory. The community places are located in the ground-floor block; the private rooms and the mechanical part are in the floor areas...

A renewable house in Szentendre

The architectural concept clearly separates the parts of the old house that would be kept, and the new part of the building that follows an inner-functionality order. Appearance of the house is based on the blending of two worlds.