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Friendly minimal in Buda

The Nartarchitects designed this villa-building in a grove-environment of a suburban area. Our goal was to be in compliance with the double measure of a rational minimalism and a family-friendly living space. The architectural shaping of the building was formed by these two main principles...

Old-new villa Mende

In the last century a series of inordinate attachments and additions arose on villa Mende designed by Béla Málnai in 1931. The Nartarchitects cleaned the building from these primitive inappropriate interferences, restored its original values and supplemented it according to the contemporary...

The Pauler house by KJT Architect Studio

„It was a long jurney, but in the end I believe we managed to create a building in this special area of the city that satisfies inhabitants, investor, municipality, the city and even the architect.” – says Jenő Kajdócsi, chief architect of KJT Architect Studio.

Atrium villa in Buda

The site is located in one of the hilly Buda area of family houses. The home was designed by architect Sándor Nagy and produces as much energy as it consumes. It was planned around an atrium which provides a favorable climatic effect. 

Strict elegance

Gergő and Péter Batizi-Pócsi [batlab architects] were entrusted with the task to come up with a design for an Austrian couple's apartment in Budapest. The plan and functionality were left almost completely untouched.

V-house, the duplex apartment

V-House was built on one of the highest-lying parcel of Üröm at the end of 2015. The young architect group, Reload [Péter Csizmadi, Anikó Petőcz-Tóth] was assigned to design a two-generation family house while keeping eye on the best possible utilization of land installation indicators,...

Contemporary villa on a slope

István Benedek, István Pásztor [blipsz!] and Arnold Macalik designed a living space around the South-West facing terrace up the slope; the terrace is partially shaded from East and West and its position is vaguely reminiscent of the traditional household, organized around the yard.