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Living in 6.3 square meters

"Last summer, we quit our jobs and converted this cargo van into our first real home on wheels. Since last October, we are living and travelling in it, during this time we went from Hungary all the way to Morocco, Africa and back to Europe." This is the story of creating a home out of a small...

The praise of an ideal partnership

The ideal partnership, developed from the lucky meeting of the architect and the client, resulted in a generous, rich, yet invincible villa was built in Budaliget. The detached house, designed by Marcel Ferencz, is a meditative home, the place of recreation, and a good investment at the same...

Strange exterior on a family house

Sándor Makrai designed a lovely, compact and modern family house on the Buda hills. The architect and the costumer-constructor (Zoltán Sohodóczki) invented a unique cover made of stone and beside this, the splendid building has great energetic qualities.  

As if it would be Bauhaus

At first glance one might suspect even some Bauhaus marks in the villa built on Rózsadomb in the 30s. The house was awakened from Sleeping Beauty's dream by the team of FBIS architects, where Janka Juhász and Ádám Reisz were responsible for the project. The villa was originally a bit rough...