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The Graphic Designer’s House

The project from Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is a juxtaposition of traditional architectural background and nonconformist solutions such as the unconventional material-use and several hidden details. The client, being a designer had closely worked with the team in developing the final...

Compact Clad Home in Pesthidegkút

Tamás Fialovszky, Gergő Jedlicska, Gergely Kenéz from Építész Stúdió accepted a project in a confined location that engendered the virtue of their design as the tower-like structure became the modern, narrow home of a big family, which also salvages some of the materials from its...

When rural meets urban

When designing this farm house-like home, András Varsányi, Péter Pozsár and Norbert Vas considered some major factors: minimalist ground-plan and the integration of basic forms – yet keeping in mind that a warm and intimate atmosphere is what they want to achieve.

Clear concept - family house by Péter Vékony

The location of the building is one of the most popular residential areas. The building site is a corner building plot, the last plot of a dead end street. Its conditions were exceptional: the steep mountainside, the strict regulations and the architectural quality of the surrounding buildings...

Two in one house

The family-house is situated in the Buda hillside area where traditional, 19th-century upper-middle-class and „Swiss-type” villas can be found, overtaken by the offspring of bygone architectural trends. In this context the architect has to find the right answer: whether to think...

Floating on pillars - the Pine-villa

Harmonious proportions with a classical, modernist atmosphere, pavilion-like, transparent volume at the end with a pierced, transitional space expansion and neverending white surfaces are the main characteristics of the Pine-villa designed by István Bársony.