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Unity in duality – Villa in Csillagvölgy

How could someone possibly build a home on a parcel that lies at the beginning of a slope of a valley? The residential building planned by László Benczúr and Miklós Weichinger plays upon this territorial feature. Their work has been honored with a special mention at the House of the Year...

Home from Concrete

The house reflects duality in its use of materials. Its exterior facades are white plastered while the facades of the internal atrium facing the courtyard have an anthracite grey fiber cement facade lining, what is more, built-in concrete furniture was also commissioned by the client. This...

House on a strong slope

The house is a smaller group of regular prisms, cut into a natural slope. Their geometry is modular, lower prisms split into two cubes, while the forms placed on the roof are both an eighth of a cube. 

Simple result: passive house

What makes a house outstanding today? It is necessary to have the appropriate combination of aesthetic exterior, an interior tailored to your needs and be comfortable to use and high quality of applied technical solutions. Passive house designed by Attila Hegedűs. 

Lodge in a Glade - Sustainable Home in Harghita

As an almost entirely self-reliant home, the alternative family house designed by István Benedek (blipsz) on the hills of Harghita, has some state-of-the-art solutions for sustainability. Its inner contemporary techniques are also present in its outline and shape as the barn-like structures...