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Block of flats, stitched together

The architects' decision was to marry the two clashing characters in Barbakán Square and design a building suitable for living and working. These plans of Ferenc Cságoly and Ferenc Keller finish off the building block in Pécs.

Folk architecture 2.0

József Őrfi's design for the house expansion pays an hommage to the cultural milieu of Eastern Europe, while manages to live up to the high-standard level of architecture in the west. Find his words below with pictures made by Tamás Bujnovszky.

Wine and Mór, vineyards and architecture

Small town, gentle slopes, wine, folksy streets at the edge of downtown. This is Mór, where a contemporary family house, fitting the spirit of the place, has been recognized with the Façade of the Year Award 2016. The surroundings are typical of their comb-like arrangement, and the...

The Architect’s flat - a spatial canvas

One of the members of Minusplus group, Ákos Schreck, who redesigned this historically and architecturally valued building, writes that "the spatial concept was to create a flow of rooms that interweaves the whole apartment." As a flat for an architect, it has to be a spatial canvas - a wide,...

New micro community

Vivid colors, built-in furniture and even inherited pieces from grandparents; these are characteristics that make the studio flats by Gergő Batizi-Pócsi and Péter Batizi-Pócsi [batlab architects] so attractive to young adults, looking for a convenient place to live.