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Family house in Zúzmara street

At the upper part of Budaörs, separeted from the busy part of the city there's a mountain, a chapel, some narrow little plots - it's an ideal place to live. GINKGO Architects designed a family house here inspired by the sight. 


It is not easy to design a single storey house with swimming-pool on steep ground. The house is barely visible from the street as you arrive from the hilltop. The volume adapts to the site, the inclination of the roof follows the terrain.

Concrete dream

"Our clients had a great dream to live in a space bounded by concrete, surrounded by plants, and overlooking to the city." Gábor Fábián and Veronika Juhász designed a duplex house.

Nadasan House II.

If you are not set on living downtown in the Transylvanian city of Cluj Napoca, and your budget allows it, the Cetăţuia Hill is probably the ideal neighbourhood: it is in the city, so it is accessible, and yet isolated, it is picturesque, it is green, it has fabulous views. Miklós Péterffy...