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Strange exterior on a family house

Sándor Makrai designed a lovely, compact and modern family house on the Buda hills. The architect and the costumer-constructor (Zoltán Sohodóczki) invented a unique cover made of stone and beside this, the splendid building has great energetic qualities.  

As if it would be Bauhaus

At first glance one might suspect even some Bauhaus marks in the villa built on Rózsadomb in the 30s. The house was awakened from Sleeping Beauty's dream by the team of FBIS architects, where Janka Juhász and Ádám Reisz were responsible for the project. The villa was originally a bit rough...

Snow-white villa in Debrecen

The villa in Debrecen, designed by Péter Kovács DLA, can be described as a tripartite building with transparent spaces, classical arrangement, total closure toward the street, and an immaculate whiteness. The building’s wall-like appearance is eased by the rotating blades. 

Nature and harmony at home

Annamária Dékány designed a high quality apartment in Budapest what is characterised by the spectacular view, the nearby Buda mountains and a big terrace. Both the client whom the architect had work before and Annamária are proud of this project.

Paradoxon: reconstruction of a villa in Buda

The villa in Buda, what was renovated by László Benczúr ifj. and Miklós Weichinger, is a reminiscent of the early 20th century. The building is a mixture of old and new, contemporary elements, it's kind of a paradoxon and it won the 3rd place of the Creaton Architectural Competition.