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Discovering the world: a creche full of experiences

For the architects of Minusplus the main aim was to create a hidden educational experience for children within the architecture while also designing a sustainable and functional building. The proposed house in Törökbálint situates itself well to the natural eastern slope of the plot and becomes an organic part of the environment. The volume and courtyard fuse into an ovoid outline and create a range of exciting and amazing spaces with a fairytale atmosphere. The concentric layout simultaneously provides children with small intimate spaces for play and larger areas for bigger groups. The children's rooms interlock into an intimate, closed courtyard with a recessed level and are full of spatial experiences. The organic design appears in the rooms' layout and the curved, articulated walls, ensuring excellent play areas and a comfortable level of acoustics. Continuous transparency dominates between the shaded, separated courtyard terraces and all parts of the interior. Sports activities can be done on the spacious roof terrace. Heat pumps and solar collectors assure hot water and heating and cooling mist from the watered vegetation will ease any excessive warming in summer.

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