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Digital power plant: the Ózd project

The project of Ózd is a renewal of a devastated factory in what the Digital power plant and a National Film History Theme Park takes place. Architect Györgyi Csontos and her young team designed the whole project. Their concept was to preserve the original Art Nouveau structure while using contemporary materials and elements.

Ózd, wich used to be an industrial centre based on metallurgy back in the Socialist era, had ultimately demolished its factory plant simultaneously with the change of the political system in 1990 when there was a fatal hydrogen explosion killing several victims.

As of today, the city lacks a geniune centre, and its geographical focus is still occupied by the riuns and remnants of the factory plant. The protection of its architectural values had started somewhat earlier to be followed by a growingly consious ambition of the local goverment to rehabilitate the zone. Firstly, it was the turn of the Museum of the city and industrial history housed in the school building: accompanied by a complex change of its public image, the architectural transformation at last managed to show up something delightfully new thanks to designs by Györgyi Csontos wich bought about simple and unadorned solutions coupled with powerful contemporary spectacles.

The renewal projekt of the museum was followed by that of the factory zone. Positioned as an out-door exhibition, the relics of local industrial history are backed by the very heart of the development: two restored buildings now hosting new functions. One of then is the Powerplant and the other is the Blower-house, wich have now been given the greatest opportunities of their history as they house the National Hungarian Digital Archives and Film Institution. The Blower-house stores 200,000 boxes of film rolls, whilst the Powerplant is the place of digitalization doubling as an educetion centre and exhibition. One of them also contains the visitors' centre with maching attractions, an exhibition on film history, store room, filmed karaoke, professional studios, amd a huge 40 metre long studio based on green-box tricks, whilst the other show as a survey of already digitized Hungarian films, an education centre, classrooms and offices too.

The whole project was implemented so as to perfectly preserve the original Art Nouveau structure of the Blower-house and the Powerplant including their exterior and interior surfaces.

source: Magyar építőművészet 2016/4.


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