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Designing the corrosion away - the project of Péter Sebestyén and János Gyergyák

In the project of Péter Sebestyén and János Gyergyák the former industrial functions are taken over by tourist attraction sights, or hidden into the natural landscape. The long-term development for the holiday complex could make the site the new centre of the whole area. 

The description of the area and public space development concept

The western part of the port
[development area 01]

The western part of the port consists of the marina and the related area of services. We have placed the given functions in a 6-meter-wide "ribbon-like" wavy building on the western side of the port to serve sailors. We have formed the new social and community rooms in the north, shops in the middle and we have placed the workshops together with the winter storage facilities in the south near the industrial area.

In the framework of the design program the marina was requested to be developed from the southernmost point of the island towards Lake Balaton, as well as in the direction of the west, so the new pier can operate more efficiently due to its bilateral construction.

The central part of the port with the peninsula and island
[development area 02]

The two main users of the plan, the Balaton Shipping Co. Ltd. and the Balaton Water Management Office of the Central Transdanubian Water Directorate, have been moved from the island to the peninsula. The newly formed industrial area has been transformed into an artificial hill, which dominates the peninsula, but it is nearly hidden from the external environment. The industrial area opens inwards, and by means of retraction, we have also created an independent space as a work area (one of them is an office building to be kept, see in the overall visualization).

South from the new industrial buildings, between the bridge and the road elevating onto it, we have designed a 3-storey car park from the east masked with an artificial hill. The main parking space (P300) can serve the western (marina) and the eastern parts (touristic functions) of the port at the same time.

This new construction creates an opportunity to utilize the newly-freed areas for touristic purposes, which can be the new center of not only Siófok, but the gastronomical, entertainment and cultural capital of the Balaton region. Regarding the industrial functions, we suggest preserving the sluices and the two buildings at the northernmost point of the island, since the other buildings do not represent significant architectural values, according to our research.

The eastern part of the port
[development area 03]

The main task of the area is to organize the passenger ship traffic and meet touristic demands. Regarding the former function, we have placed a new passenger traffic building in the northern part of the new events square, which is located on the imaginary stretching of Petőfi Promenade, near the waterside. In order to develop touristic functions, we suggest the partial reconstruction of the block bordered by Krúdy Promenade and Mártírok Street.

In the northern part of the area, we have established a lookout tower, which is the emblematic pair of the water tower in the city center, as a stretching of the new events square overlooking the port, towards Mártírok Street, the Golden and Silver Coast, as well as the northern part (with a 30-meter-high floor level, matching the floor level of Oxigénbár club) of Lake Balaton.

The eastern part of the coast related to the port
[development area 04]

In order to give additional value to the coastal promenade, we have created a "dry dock", which spreads out to the beach area (connects only visually to the beach). The Petőfi promenade is "simplified" through the effect of "Petőfi pier". With the newly formed spaces, the promenade can have a visual connection with the beach and the waterside again. We suggest unifying the beach areas of vastly different atmosphere by means of shades, humidity gates and lightweight structures placed on the pier, in pastel color.

We are planning to have a new "pier system" in the areas in front of the hotels, to restrict the water surface in front of the hotels (family and children friendly environment), furthermore, we advize other functions on the platforms (sunbathing terrace, waterside bar, etc.) to be placed on the water surface. The new attraction of the area is the sauna house (health house), which can be considered as a main pillar to utilize the location during the whole year.

Péter Sebestyén, Gyergyák János



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