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Designer Office from Clinker

The design for ACG's new office made by Anett Farkas and Ádám Vesztergom is a powerful, structurally complex building that has a big impact on all of our senses. The playfully arranged opposing colors and the visible structural elements make for an eclectic working environment.

The advertising agency ACG assigned us to design their new office interior as they outgrew their previous building. Our collaboration started with searching for a fitting real estate, based on how we understood the agency's daily activities. Then we opted for a building out of use in the previous years, functioning earlier as an industrial tram remise, later rebuilt into an office sublet. The exciting inner areas inspired us to create a working space that supports community building and the unfolding of creativity, not compromising the efficiency of work.

Our concept was built on the 6 human senses, mirroring agency work that impacts consumer senses every day:

  • the eyes by desaturated colours, reflecting matte and transparent surfaces for exciting optical illusions
  • the ears via acoustic planning, the combination of soft and hard surfaces, more open and more closed spaces,
  • human touch through the use of materials with diverse surfaces,
  • smell and taste through special plants and characteristic eating and coffee launches
  • the sense of balance through the planning of quiet spaces for inspiration.

Lastly, we built on the original truss framework and industrial geometric forms for the interior wall panelling, flooring, furniture and artwork for consistency throughout.


ACG Office - architects: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


1. functionality (user-friendliness and flexibility)

There are two floors: the reception and a meeting room downstairs, the working spaces upstairs, separated but optically united via glass walls. The desks support both team and individual work, the height of the interior allows for future extension and space is pet-friendly.

2. innovation (materials, products, and technology)

We built a 3D wall from the agency’s awards, at the reception, showing their achievements in a subtle but impressive way. Moreover, we created an optical illusion in the creative area, using mirrors and wood panels.

3. artistic merit

We played with the effect of plasticity, using the walls, the grid-like holders and exciting materials. We also used a lamp of structured triangles, special layering of the reception desk and a unique sculpture by local artists.

4. sustainability

We used a modular fitted carpet made out of reused fishing nets, including a phone number for future recycling. Some furniture was also made out of recycled slot machines and flippers.

5. social impact

The bar area, the swings, the darts support interaction between teammates with personal touches like one of the tables out of a slot machine or the wall graphics mirroring everyday agency life.

ACG Office - architects: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


The creative department was assigned the second spacious headroom area.
Here, the colours, forms, material usage are more playful and fun than the rest of the office. The "playground" spirit, work-related decoration, the grouped placement of furniture all support creativity and teamwork. The lamps, designed by a local industrial artist and the wall veneer made of pixels and wood-mirror textures create an optical illusion, fitting the concept of
stimulating the 6 senses.

The spacious open office is framed by separated offices and management
offices on the sides, optically connecting to the central space but acoustically
isolated. One of these offices is the CEO office, facing the stairs connecting the ground floor and the second floor. The dark colours, black and white surfaces provide an elegant atmosphere, balanced by colourful textiles. The lamp lighting the conference table was designed by a local industrial artist, fitting the interior concept of geometric forms.

ACG Office - architects: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

The reception fits the continuous theme both in colours and material use. The industrial character of the former tram remise was kept subtly through the mechanical cords on the ceiling painted homogenously black. The grey concrete floor highlights the receptionist desk with geometric ornaments and bold lighting, as well as the 3D wall behind, that covers the printer area and kitchen in the back. The wooden sculpture on top of the desk was made by a local industrial artist, created specifically for this area, fitting in colour and form.

There are 2 high ceiling areas on the upper floor where the original, triangular
holders are dominant. Here we use geometric forms that are originated from
the mono-pitched roof and triangular holders. Those forms are reappearing on
the management offices - that are separated by glass walls, on the LEDs
hanging from the ceiling, on the room dividers, on table accessories and on
special sculptures of the wall.

ACG Office - architects: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


We highlighted the diffused, natural light of the skylight. We played with the
shades of grey using only a few harsh colors. The colors harmonize with the
corporate colors of the agency.

The end walls were originally hiding the ventilation system. Keeping the
geometry and the function we created a spatial sculpture on the wall. It gently fits the space with its colors and materials and it also compensates for the acoustic disadvantages of the open office. Led light strips highlight the geometry. They are in harmony with the spatial lights and makes the whole space moody. The durable carpet flooring is made of recycled fishing nets. It also has an important acoustic role. The bright color of the furniture compensates for the lack of natural light in winter. Lamellar ceilings are hiding the industrial engineering on the first floor where the inner height is lower. The lamellars got a geometric pattern thus giving it a spatial effect.

There is a special pixel graphic on the wall. The products of the agency’s clients are drawn in paint and this wall makes this space special. The graphic wall was made by a Hungarian contemporary paint artist, Noémi Mondik.

ACG Office - architects: Ádám Vesztergom, Anett Farkas - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


Enjoying the benefits of sufficient headroom, we hung up special geometrical
shaped lamps. This room is separated from passageway by glass walls, which
are decorated by special graphics from the agency’s logo.

The 3D 'Award Wall' - which is made of the awards of the agency – is an important part of the reception area, next to the stairs leading up to the upper offices. It presents the agency’s achievements in an innovative and moderate way. Besides the gold, silver and bronze awards (the colors represent the levels of awards) there are some grey prizes also. They symbolize the prospective awards and later can be replaced by real ones.

In the waiting area, besides the industrial ceilings, we can see the illuminated ceilings with triangle patterns, which fit the reception desk. The stairs leading up to the upper floor were kept from the original industrial building. The biggest meeting room of the agency is capable to host 50 people. The divisions of its wall also follow the geometric pattern.

Anett Farkas, Ádám Vesztergom


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