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Design competition for the National and University Library, Ljubljana - József Árva, Mátyás Holló, Nóra Kőhalmy, Tamás Döbrönte

Many architect teams took part in the international competition of the National and University Library in Ljubljana (NUK II.). Made by József Árva, Mátyás Holló, Nóra Kőhalmy and Tamás Döbrönte, the concept mirrors a transparent volume with opalescent appearance and double skin, in which the Roman ruins of Emona and the interior are flooded with sunshine thorugh the vertical slits of the building. Creating varied prospects and inner world in the library, the plan establishes a spiritual connection between Roman and today’s cultural life. The architects arranged the spaces of the building around the area of the two main Roman road. The crawling ground floor can be seen through well, but going upwards, spaces of reading rooms and special collections are getting closer, more silent and introverted. Storage facilities can be found on the 3rd and 4th floor, while on the top floor the air conditioning equipment and solar collectors for preparing hot water are installed, moreover, a big green roof are shaped, too. Used as the outer skin of the double-skin facade, the glass panels with opalescent appearance seem to a homogeneous surface which is able to treat the changing scales between the downtown and the university area.

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