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Design competition for the National and University Library, Ljubljana - János Gyergyák, Donát Rétfalvi, Péter Sebestyén and their associates

In the national design competition for the new building of the National and University Library, Ljubljana the team of Donát Rétfalvi DLA, Péter Sebestyén DLA, János Gyergyák DLA, László Kenyeres, Gergely Kis, Zsolt Simon, Árpád Szentgyörgyi, Zoltán Zsiga and Andrea Stemmer particpated with a concept in which - with respect of the Roman memories of the area - they layered the scientific center by the hierarchy of spaces, and created a house which can be attractive with its transparency also for the young readers. With only a little demolition, the architects integrated the archaeological ruins to the circulation of the library in order to create a really living and vibrant place. The inner programs are visible from outside too, interiors are fused together with exteriors, the building has no sharp borders. The house is built from geometric elements with a simple mass formation. The main conceptional and space arranging element is the stairway and elevator between the library stories, the building's functional organization is layered, different layers define the public, semi-public and private spaces.

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