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Debrecen [35]

Dynamic Diagnostics

Just next to the sports centre and a museum of sports in Debrecen, on the eastern side of the stadium, a unique institution has been inaugurated: the Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Centre, designed by Zoltán Győrffy

Taking root - The International School of Debrecen

"The foundation of a school is not only a universal symbol of believing in the future, but an initiation aimed at transforming the surrounding physical and mental space. This is a positive process, of course. From the beginning it has the power to create an identity and later, tradition." The...

One ring above all - International School Debrecen

A community, a unit, a gesture ... A cell that puts all the factors that shape and implement the goals that are needed for life, into one movement; it can solve itself as a closed system. The project of Ferenc Kállay, Béla Bíró, Dániel Fodor and Béla Nagy accentuates central spaces for an...

Music Center

"The theme I have chosen for my thesis project was a music hub located near the center of Debrecen, Hungary. My project is connected to the already existing „musical infrastructure” as well as the soon to-be-built filharmonic centre." - says Blanka Bató

Aquaticum Bath, ideas competition

The character of the Bath in Nagyerdő is provided by the natural environment and the proximity of cultural and sports facilities organized around it in recent years. In their plan, Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects created a spa complex that strengthen and exploit the local endowments, and offers a...