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Danyi Balázs [28]

School and sports hall

The building complex is made up from a renovated, modernized panel structured school and its most defining characteristic is the sports hall’s shed roof that has two functions as it provides the interior with scattered north light and serves as ground for solar panels on the southern slopes of...

The landscape of the ceiling

Today’s great question is how to deal with the space we are running short on the Planet - an in our cities. This project is an experimental residential unit, a refurbishment of an existing apartment in the centre of Budapest, built in the 50’s.

Reconstruction of th Old Town Hall of Buda

The renewal of the building with unique historical value had a dual purpose: the reconstruction of the basically Baroque building with significant medieval parts from the 13th century and its several construction and extension periods during the centuries, by preserving their exciting material,...

Liberty Bridge – New horizons in the city

The central element of the exhibition is the temporary architectural installation in the atrium: a lookout tower that allows visitors to access the building in a never-before-seen way. The Hungarian Pavilion [designed by Studio Nomad] at this year's Venice Biennale represents how our...

Jewel on the Buda Danube Embankment

The rehabilitation of the building is an importan part of the complex urban development process. The building, which had stood empty and abandoned for a decade and seemed doomed to decay, was reborn as the Ybl Creative House Buda in May 2018.