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plans of buildings for cultural purposes

Like a beehive

András Bögös, Zoltán Németh and Péter Zilahi designed a creative house to Zebegény. The building – just like a beehive – provides a framework to its users, the frames of which can be changed and even the users can leave their own layers on them. The plan received a shared 2nd prize.  

Illusions in Eszterháza reception building

Dezső Ekler and his team designed a reception building to the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, where dual narratives, created by the various architectural means of illusions, help visitors to get greeted and attuned to the perception of the historical building.

Csontváry Museum on the ridge

For a competition of the new Csontváry Museum, Anita Sárosi designed her building on the Normafa hilltop where the ridge is missing. She designed a backbone building with painting's sized spaces and the building gradually grew to a viewpoint.

Characteristic multimedia tower

The city hall’s main entrance marked with a characteristic tower, a multifunctional courtyard, holographic projector, music boxes, and a colorful flower market – these elements are typical of the plan of Péter Kovács DLA and his team [Archiko] prepared for the competition announced for the...

Glossy cube on crater - plan of Nartarchitects

Nartarchitects proposes glossy cube on crater for Csontváry Museum in Hungary. Opposed to the “plaza-museum” strategy they searched for a site that is interesting and symbolic enough to become a pilgrimage destination. In the outskirt of Pécs, next to a lake in a crater of a former...