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plans of buildings for cultural purposes

Public Space Inside-Out

One of the main objectives of the design of Péter Bach DLA, Imre Bokányi, Gergely Kukucska, and Dénes Halmai was the possible integration of the National Theatre in Győr into the row of public spaces determined by the Dunakapu- and the Széchenyi Square, functioning mainly as a cultural...

Mansion as Cultural Centre

Sándor Guba and Péter Hámori's project is a new extension of the national cultural heritage building in the central Hungarian village, Bugyi. The old Baroque mansion was built in the 18th century, and now serves as a cultural centre. As a result of the extension, the community will be...

Like a beehive

András Bögös, Zoltán Németh and Péter Zilahi designed a creative house to Zebegény. The building – just like a beehive – provides a framework to its users, the frames of which can be changed and even the users can leave their own layers on them. The plan received a shared 2nd prize.