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The Hangvilla

Hangvilla is a multi-functional community and performance venue which opened in the city of Veszprem in late 2013. Appropriately, in Hungarian 'Hangvilla' means both "tuning fork" and "villa, or house, of sound".  

Turkish Cultural Center - Mosque and Imam House

The municipality of Doetinchem together with the Turkish foundation organized a closed design competition, which was won by Atelier PUUUR in 2007. ‘The architectural design should be a bridge between the religious tradition of the Turkish community and the 'here and now' of Doetinchem in the...

Praise of normality – the Agóra building in Szeged

A multifunctional cultural and knowledge center was established with the construction of Agóra. The work of the young architects, Csaba Helmle and András Báger and their associates bore a fruit: science and culture is celebrated with economical, sustainable and clear architecture in Szeged.