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The Agóra of Szolnok

The Agóra Programme provided many county seats with the opportunity of reorganizing their cultural life and public education, renovating and extending the run-down community centers. Also the building in Szolnok, designed by Árpád Álmosdi, Monika Csendes and their associates, takes into...

Holocaust Memorial Debrecen

A student competition was announced for the Holocaust Memorial of Debrecen city, the winner work was made by Marianna Nagy. The project is now completed, with the leading of Péter Kovács DLA and Péter Sugár DLA.

How to transform a backyard to a citycentre?

Visegrád, with its 1800 inhabitants, is considered to be the smallest town of Hungary. The development of the town center is a fine example for how the original exaggerating ideas were altered due to the economic crisis – besides its negative effects – and facilitated the birth of a...

Festival cauldron in Tokaj

The Festival cauldron in Tokaj-Hegyalja is a cultural and touristic investment in the Zemplén region which has received some EU funding. The idea is to locate in Tokaj comes from the concept of using the abandoned multi-level andesite mine within the administrative area of the city. Design is...


Half past two at night. Silence. The sounds of the evening concert are left behind. Now our thoughts and conversations seamlessly draw an arc of their integrated echoes. The memories of last night.

The Hangvilla

Hangvilla is a multi-functional community and performance venue which opened in the city of Veszprem in late 2013. Appropriately, in Hungarian 'Hangvilla' means both "tuning fork" and "villa, or house, of sound".