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Convent in the woods

There is a trench in the woods between Nagyvázsony and Pula, the quiet site provides for a calm intimate separation from the world. A creek surrounded by indigenous trees is the proposed place for the convent designed by Ágnes Faragó, Máté Gerges and Anikó Kazsoki, students of the Szent István University, Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

During the semester we got the task to design a center for the Pauline monk order. It contained a center specifically for the order, a center for the visiting pilgrims, and a chapel. Working in groups of three, each group designed one of them while cooperating with other two groups.

Our group got the opportunity to design the monk center. We placed our project on a small glade which is separated from the other projects by a thin forest belt and a creek giving the monk center a private atmosphere. To support this aspect, and to provide sufficient atmospheric lighting for the interiors, we used big transparent structures.

In terms of functionality, we wanted to give the opportunity for both communal and isolated use. Therefore each sleeping unit placed along the east side of the building can be approached separately from outside, through the small "gardens" created by moving the units apart. This constructivist conception is also displayed visually from the outside by seperating the main functions from the community space and traffic areas.

For the structure of the building, our main goals were to use cost-efficient, low-key materials and to reduce the duration of the on-site construction as much as possible. Therefore, the main structure consists of prefabricated elements using wooden supporting structures and scattered polyurethane insulation. The visible materials are plywood with different coats and polycarbonate for the transparent structures.

Ágnes Faragó, Máté Gerges, Kazsoki Anikó

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