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Constructivist Dream on the Balaton Shore

At the end of the reconstruction of this house in Lake Balaton, Csaba Kovács succeeded in giving a lighter impression to the modern building, even if it has its roots in constructivist design. The interior design of Nóra Demeter alleviates the exterior even more, as the pastel colors provide for a nice supplementary quality to the stark facade.

During the design, we aimed to adopt the given capabilities, the mass, and structure while sparingly minding the resources. We made a design program that fits into the place with its scale and the use of materials. We tried to plan the most satisfactory building, with the given options.

The reconstruction of the existing building was combined with an upgrade process. The value-enhancing renovation was the primary consideration so that the architectural virtues of the existing mass-formation can be retained or given more emphasis.

Summer Home in Balatonkenese - architect: Csaba Kovács - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


The street side facade is fully closed. Its only contiguous window is divided by red vertical lanes in the rhythm of the horizontal ossature, which can be read as an answer for the red patch of the front door. The ground floor got a grey paint from outside, which, together with the pendent console terrace, looks like what the second floor would if it were to float 3 meters above the ground. Thus, the house contradicts its own masses and makes the impression of a light, airy building.

The floor plan is simple, obvious and deeply functional. On the ground and second floor, only the service rooms and aisleway look toward the entrance, which in this case is the north side. The bedrooms and the living-dining-kitchen area is oriented south, and have a view to Lake Balaton through the grandiose openings.

Summer Home in Balatonkenese - architect: Csaba Kovács - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky


The interior designed by Nóra Demeter and associates breaks away from the strict color and form of the exterior of the house. The red answers to the external facade paint, but new colors are added to the palette as well.
The whole interior is characterized by thoughtful detailing, pure functionality and the conscious use of natural light.

The successful collaboration between customer and architect is proven by the fact that the owner and his family have plenty of use over the average occupancy rate of the holiday homes, whether it is family Christmas, winter or summer weekends, or even weekdays with telework.



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