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Connected to green space - apartment building in Budapest

On a trapezoid plot in the intersection of a main road and a side street, where the city centre transitions into suburban, stands the 9-flat apartment building designed by Dezső Ekler. It is an exceptional and prime spot in the cityscape of the neighbourhood.

Neighbouring houses on both sides of the street were built with house fronts pushed onto the street side boundary of the properties with the exception of corner houses which generally have 4m forecourt all around. This is a common characteristic of the adjacent blocks. Hence the new design was pulled in from the street front ensuring a green belt around the building. Also the driveway leads off of the quiet side street. There are three 70 sqm apartments on the upper floors each containing three bedrooms and a covered terrace. On the top floor there lays a four-bedroom penthouse apartment.

apartment building - architect: Dezső Ekler - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

apartment building - architect: Dezső Ekler - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

The concept of the building is a structure to suggest the interwoven connection between adjoining line of facades converging into a sharp angle coming together to form this one building. This idea is reflected in the spatial montage created by the loggias of the side walls joining together alternating floor by floor. On one floor there is a solid wall towards the street and a loggia towards the other side while this arrangement is flipped on the floor above. This special idea governs the appearance of the building and helps it fit in with the streetscape. In addition, the terraces not being above each other are more comfortable, and they secure a more intimate outdoor space to each apartment.

apartment building - architect: Dezső Ekler - photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

The appearance of this house which is integrated into an area filled with gardens, gains a distinct mood and delightful character by its colour scheme. The facade is insulated and thin-plastered with a distinctive grey-green colour broken up by the light-grey colour of the recessed terraces. An air of natural presence for this well exposed three-story building.


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