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Concept for the future of Buda Castle

In terms of the capital of Hungary, the lack of deliberated and valid visions for the future has been lamented many times. Architect Ferenc Potzner and his team have worked out a comprehensive and long-term concept for the Castle District of Buda which is "the heart of the country". To clarify the principles of the planned development, it was necessary to reveal its historical past and to analyse the present conditions of the area in the following ways: architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, archaeology, traffic, and economy. The plans contain many proposals: to build in the bomb-sites that date back to the Second World War; to revise the ways of approaching the area; and to fill the beautiful urban squares and caves under the streets with life; to rebuild some important buildings demolished after 1945; and also change the function of other large, potentially old buildings currently in unworthy use. One of the most important parts of the concept is the reconstruction of the former Royal Palace according to its original state at the beginning of the 20th century when the Neo-Baroque extension was completed by Alajos Hauszmann. In this proposal, it was envisioned to restore the original roof silhouette, the ornaments of the exterior and the main halls of the interior with full decoration according to the remaining original plans.

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