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Community Spaces Reexamined

Keeping in mind the wishes of MVM Group employees for a more creative and invigorated community space, Kristóf Göbölyös and Attila Bakó created a new interior design for the already established still familial business. The green walls and the eccentric furniture provide for a refreshing rest in the workplace.

MVM Group has seen a significant business and organization development since the construction of its headquarter finished. These structural changes generated new tasks and assignments which resulted in the increased emphasis on employee morale within the company group – the key aspect of commitment, loyalty, productivity, and creativity. Based on researches in the field of company organisation, the topic in question is closely linked to the atmosphere of the workspace. The MVM Group announced its first Innovation Award in spring 2016, which enabled the possibility to reconsider the community spaces on the ground floor. The jury deemed the project "WorkCafé" by the operator of the office building, Római Irodaház Ltd to be worth implementing, resulting in the implementation of the project with success in 2017.

The core of the application was to revitalize the attractive hallway in the spirit of ‘well-being’. Just like an ancient Greek city’s agora, the hall and its connected areas (WorkLab, WorkCafé, canteen, and the terrace) were aimed to be filled with buzzing life, new functions, and content.

MVM Headquarter's new community space - interior design: Art Front Hungary - photo: László Vitáris


Visioned during the time of the construction of the Headquarters, the industrial museum has never been used in its original function and was mostly used as a venue for staff training. The WorkLab of today was founded in this space, providing workspace for external staff and a place for communication and meetings for the staff. An acoustically safe space was created with smaller meeting points and elevated workstations separated by plants and screens.

From the "corporate cafeteria" or "convenience store" of old times, WorkCafé became the scene of internal communication, collaboration, and social relations. Through the installation of carpet tiled cubicles and pleasant lamps and plants, the area evolved into a joyful, youthful area relieved by sketchy walls.

MVM Headquarter's new community space - interior design: Art Front Hungary - photo: László Vitáris


Before, the canteen was only used 2,5-3 hours a day, leaving the valuable, many hundred square meters area unused throughout most of the day. An inviting community area was created by placing elevated desks and bar seats, installing surfaces to enhance digital internal communication, the full replacement of the furniture and by realizing a youthful atmosphere. Making the corridor between the hallway and the garden more transparent was paramount during the reorganization. Since MVM has been encouraging its employees and invited artists to organize exhibitions, the required installations were prepared on the walls.

The hallway is a place to connect to both the inner and the outside world: a huge green wall was installed to improve physical and visual well-being by presenting the message of nature and sustainable development. By placing attractive furniture, smaller group meetings can be arranged. As a mean for external communication, a large LED wall was installed for the arriving guests. The new Wi-Fi network and the outlets to charge mobile devices have an indispensable role as well. It appears that WorkCafé has fulfilled its mission, demand met supply: the employees made it their own and use it regularly.



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