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Community Bathing Experience – Castle Bath of Diósgyőr

In his diploma-work, Mihály Vári aimed to reconsider the Castle Bath of Diósgyőr, Miskolc, by comparing it with the past condition of the site and the ongoing large-scale, touristic developments. The design principles included the creation of a program and function that fits the natural environment, is adapted to the tourism role of the castle and fulfills the local needs, all at the same time. 

Though the design area was only 1/3 of the original site, it could preserve its main characteristics. The two pools and the cave in the corner of the plot were kept, together with another pool in the cave.

The architect defined two different functions of the two characteristic elements of the location. A dominant element of the former bath area was the row of concrete dressing cabins bordering the site, was integrated into the new plan. The old wall will define the mass of the building in a new place, with a new role. Its horizontal extension and monotone repetition goes through the community featured rooms of the building.

Beach - architect: Mihály Vári


The representation of the old cabins in a new form, their height and length will define the mass of the new building. This creates a façade both for the entrance and for the bath. The mountain and the forest are closing the plot to the south, which is the other dominant line of the building’s borders. The sauna house is closely attached to the cliff and to the band of the forest, while it appears as a background decoration for the beach. It would open a passage to the entrance area by making the remaining park of ancient trees public, giving the opportunity to relax. The continuation of this park is the partially closed, partially open castle bath.

Sauna relaxation space - architect: Mihály Vári


The winding mass encircles the space in front of the cave, making it more closed while providing a background for the public beach by leaning on the foot of the hill. The entrance is located at the side of the bath, at the connection point of the building’s wall and the fence surrounding the bath.

After buying the tickets, the visitor arrives at a semi-open place under the green roof, formed by perforating the continuous wall. This place includes the public functions: buffet, medical room, and staircase to the green roof, and also gives a revealing view of the cave at the foot of the rock wall. The continuation of the corridor along the wall leads to the service rooms of the beach. Going this way or crossing the grass, the guests reach the natural lake converted from the existing swimming pools.



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