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commerce and services [building] [31]

projects related to commerce and services, including multifunctional centres

Visual and Contextual Honesty

Openness was a major factor in dr Zoltán Bun Ph.D.'s design program both visually (with glass facades) and contextually (with all-direction access). This way, his New Market Hall and UP Event Space adopts the functions of public space and makes itself accessible in all possible aspects.

Emmaroz: women's tailor and store

Miklós Kiss designed a women's tailor and store where his inspiration for the interior design was feminity, purity and an original salon atmosphere. Entering through the door the customer is greeted by an imposing space, its centre is a monumental architecture object, a staircase that leads to...

Budafok new, modern market 2.

 The neighbours handed over recently from his market's and the community space's developed in an eye with it fruition Kertész András Tibor architect and with Torma Sarolta planning the space, and the Land-A co-worker, Rothman Gabriella talked with his colleague.