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commerce and services [building] [34]

projects related to commerce and services, including multifunctional centres

Marketplace at Fonyód

The aim of the building transformation is to create a new sales area serving the needs today keeping the original hall and breaking down the old malfunctioning pavilions below. The new marketplace was designed by Gergely Sztranyák.

Origami in white

‘Kitchen of Mimama’ is located in an industrial neighborhood, surrounded by railways. The restaurant, which offers traditional Hungarian food, is enveloped in a definitely non-traditional coverage by the young architect, Zoltán Reznicsek Jr.

Between Two Worlds

The design area housed a significantly rundown service centre, with numerous cars running and parking almost every hour of the day on an asphalt pavement all along the beautiful alleyway. The area was meant to be more than that. The building was designed by Miklós Marosi.