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Colorful play/playground on Kőhegy

Instead of usual standard solutions finally here is a playground that can really stimulate children with its orange, pink and blue colors and paintable walls. In addition, Borbála Király-Salgó and Dániel Kontra also added a lookout spot to the experience, to where orange railing leads the visitors and which leaves nature untouched. 

The aim was to create a "jewelry box-like" residential playground and a usable and accessible lookout point.

Playground: The existing terrain levels were kept during the landscaping, and four different height levels were formed by constructing three retaining walls. Playground equipment were placed on two levels connected by stairs. Each level can be entered via separate gates, so they are easily accessible even with pram. The cheerful appearance is given by the rubber pavers of alternating bright orange and pink colors, which function also as fall protection for all playground equipment. These vibrant colors are complemented and counterpointed by the "beach-railing-blue" color of the street furniture and fixtures. 

Lookout spot: it has replaced the existing keeper-house, and can be reached only on foot. From the street, exposed concrete terrain steps lead to an unpaved trail with railing, which climbs up to the lookout point. On the one hand, the designed bright orange railing designates the route of the trail, directs the sight, and on the other hand it conceptually connects the lookout spot and the playground. The lookout point is actually a terrace. The concept leaves the natural barren untouched, while the Kőhegy panorama becomes easily accessible.



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