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Coastal urbanism - the development plan of Siófok

The regeneration of Siófok must be well scheduled, the touristic destination is almost empty in winter, but has to accomodate a lot of people in summer. Therefore, in their project, János Mészáros, Krisztián Jäger, András Mészáros and Márton Mészáros payed special attention to the timing of development. Overall, the result was a clean-cut, economical and well-thought-out plan. 

The waterfront of Siófok has an extremely heterogeneous character, lacking any cohesion between neighbouring sites. These sites have roles associated with the summer holidays and the area feels like a ghost town during the winter months.

Our aim was to propose a solution that can be carried out in several distinct phases. Even the smallest development would improve the existing situation. We payed special attetion to avoid creating an urban torso, if the rest of the project was put on halt. In order to achieve that, we divided the area into nine different sites, each with a unique character and differing functions. These include the industrial sites of the Sió Bank and the shipyard, a sailing harbour, a newly formed beach, a revitalised park, some additional recreational areas, a more intensively used boulevard, and renewed surroundings for the hotel strip built in the 60's.

János Mészáros, Krisztián Jäger, András Mészáros, Márton Mészáros



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