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The location is Anna meadow known to many as the playground of Normafa. One of the most popular places to rest and relax in the busy city. 

On the hilly slopes of Anna meadow, a group of trees stand the storms of time.
As if they were guarding something of an ancient mission. They are on a small hill within the meadow, in a prominent position. Next to them is the winding section of Mary's way.

There is a stove in the middle of the tree group, remnants of charcoal and stones from the past as a print of the community.
Standing in the middle, one instinctively raises his eyes to the sky, looking for a connection ... Undoubtedly, the group of six trees forms a space, delimits it, but does not close it. I can be there in my loneliness, but also in the community with the kids running around in the meadow and the people picnicking there. There is a kind of spiritual radiance, but the place is not yet a space. The dominant image of the tree group will mark the place, all we need is a small sign.

Open Competition for Anna meadow Chapel, Normafa, Architects: Nagy Mercédesz, Szilágyi Norbert, 2019.



The tree group consists of 6 horse-chestnut trees, forming a circle about 4 meters apart. The various community imprints within this circle indicate that visitors prefer to use this place. Some of the stones donated by different settlements can be found here.

Standing among the trees, the concept was obviously outlined.
The trees will be the walls and all we need is a small structure nestled among the trees. The sign that complements the tree group, so it is not intrusive, does not rival, light and simple, it is just enters the circle too. As a triangular gate, the place of worship was organized on the East-West axis.

Open Competition for Anna meadow Chapel, Normafa, Architects: Nagy Mercédesz, Szilágyi Norbert, 2019.



The tree group will be the foreground, the gathering place.
The trees form the walls, while the chapel we planned creates the sanctuary, the closure.

On the west side, the opening between the two trees is larger, so the "main entrance" is emphasized here.

On the east side, a small memorial site is located from the collected stones. The closing element of the composition is the cross.

Open Competition for Anna meadow Chapel, Normafa, Architects: Nagy Mercédesz, Szilágyi Norbert, 2019.


The foundation is completed along the axis. Considering the root zone of the chestnut trees, the base is only at two points. A reinforced concrete beam is attached to the base body along the axis, which will carry the main loads of the chapel.

3-3 pieces of steel beams are clamped to the reinforced concrete beam on both sides to achieve a floating effect and the cantilevered steel beams receive the ascending structure of the chapel.

The form of the place of worship is totemistic, heavenly, framed in triangular frames, it is filigree-like in structure. The board is placed on this frame, which receives the wood shingle.
It would be advisable to obtain shingles from Gyimes, or possibly Székelyvarság, where the ancient, folk craft of manual labor is present. It creates a kind of connection with the place of mourning in the Csíksomlyó saddle, not to mention the shingle coexistence with the landscape, and as time goes by, it blends into the landscape.

On the ground plan, space narrows, and it draws attention to the cross. The benches in the foreground of the chapel are reused wooden beams. The brownish color, simplicity, wide-cumbersome cross-section of the material exudes Puritanism. The shadow of the tree protects the visitor. For larger gatherings, stepping out of the tree can increase the congregation space.

From the collected stones, the chapel is continued to form a memorial site that ends with the cross. Wreaths and candles can be placed on the stones.
The lane between the benches and the memorial space are crushed. The two chairs are solid wood. The material of the altar is convincing with the material of the stones carried.


Nagy Mercédesz
Szilágyi Norbert 


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