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Clear concept - family house by Péter Vékony

The location of the building is one of the most popular residential areas. The building site is a corner building plot, the last plot of a dead end street. Its conditions were exceptional: the steep mountainside, the strict regulations and the architectural quality of the surrounding buildings meant considerable challenge in the design of the building.

Architectural restrictions were not voiced. During the designing period a clear concept was shaped, which extended the functional order to the whole area and nature as well. Everything is important at the very same time: the place, the end of the street, the surrounding garden, the garden connections, the interiors and connections, the roof, sustainability, durability, and also usability in relation to the changing of the family structure.

The living environment is a means and not the goal. This means enables the user to realise the goal, which roots inthe essence of the family in this case. The client is a famous, internationally renowned legal expert, university teacher. Although he is very young, he is at the top of his career. His library is the shrine of a reading, creating person, the place of creation and reflection. From the interior an almost invisible door indicates the place of the study-library, regarding the building from outside, this part of the building is a separate, high block of the corner of the building.

On the facade there is a sundial, a sacred alignment point in our hectic world, where the manmade structure of order is cracking and keeps warning usmore and more to the vulnerability of life.


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