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Clean facade, proper building - renovation in Veszprém

The plans of the Architecture Atelier of Veszprém (György Kovács Zsolt, Jana Beránková és Dávid Kovács) for the renovation were made in 2009, but they became reality in 2017. By virtue of these architects, the commercial centre of Veszprém has a unified look once again. 

In the 20th century the city management started to reconstruct the city commercial centre of Veszprém and its tower twice, but the reconstruction has never been finished. Finally, when the reconstruction of the commercial center finished, a tender was announced for the tower's facade in 2008, and our firm won. Even though the plans for the facade were ready, the renovation of this part of the building never happened. 

Connected project was the reconstruction of the shopping center, which was built in the 70s as a 20-storey building, which is the highest building in Veszprém. It wasn’t an easy work because there are several owners as a result of the privatisation.

Our task was to reconstruct facades and expand the building. We planned a new lift and expansion-like capsules. The building is covered with white eternit and it has glass fronts. We would like to single handle the building, we tried to bring its values to the surface.

The reconstruction and expansion was realized during the Rehabilitation of the City Center of Veszprém, with European Union aid. The work was finished in 2014.

The architect of the original building was István Márton (Residental Building Design Company) who died in 2014 and who helped our work during the planning period. Thirty years after the completion of his buildings in Veszprém, he still cared about its destiny.


Architecture Atelier of Veszprém




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