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Civil Learning Center in Kecskemét

Dávid Nyul's diploma-work is a design of a local hub for young people in Kecskemét. The simple yet imposing building is carefully ingrained in the social and environmental structure of the city.

Nearly 20% of Hungary’s population lives in a housing estate. These buildings were built in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s according to the building requirements of the age. The "panel program" could provide answers to the modernization and make the buildings more habitable. But rethinking the environment of the housing estates are less frequent, just like taking into account the changing needs of the population in order to make the city dwellers more comfortable. However, these are all important factors. In my graduation project, I am trying to make a proposal on it.

My aim was to design a youth community center that has a positive effect not only socially but in a bigger environmental level too. It responds to the shortcomings of the structure of the city, and provides a high-quality space for young people in the district, mainly for development and leisure activities. I was looking for an indicator function that is not stuck inside the building and actively uses its immediate environment.

Civil Learning Center in Kecskemét - architect: Dávid Nyul


When I tried to determine the design area, I have taken into account the existing traffic routes and nodes. The area thus defined resulted in a wide and long mass. At its scale, this building is not disturbing in terms of urban art. There are similar proportions in the surrounding buildings as well.

The established mass is bordered by a busy road from the east and a pedestrian axis from the west. One of the conceptual reasons for lifting the upper part of the building is to link the park and the service center of the phase I. area. The necessity of this is indicated by the pedestrian path. The raised building is displayed as a gate. Because of the raised part, the visual connection with the park remains. From the ground floor, two vertical functional cores lead to the upper level. The upper space is fully transparent.

Civil Learning Center in Kecskemét - architect: Dávid Nyul


The interior was designed with glass walls and furniture blocks. This transparent design was also part of the facade design. The upper part is surrounded by polycarbonate facade elements. The facade as a membrane covers the internal function.

Dávid Nyul



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