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Church renovation and new calvary in Csehimindszent

In Csehimindszent, on the 100th anniversary of the first mass celebrated by Cardinal József Mindszenty, a celebration attended by the people of the town and by pilgrims arriving for the occasion took place in a fully renovated church and a transformed churchyard. At the initiative of the parish priest and with the support of the Hungarian government and great individual pledges, a project was conceived to create a built environment fit for the veneration of Mindszenty and to redesign it to meet the liturgical requirements. The renovation was led by András Bakucz

The area in front of the church was laid out as a space for the celebration of mass, and a calvary was designed around it. The stations start at the south-east corner and proceed along the rising crown of the wall, going round the church up to the north-east corner. The calvary provides the architectural framework for reliefs depicting each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross, with selected words by József Mindszenty.

Church renovation and new calvary in Csehimindszent - architect: András Bakucz - photo: Milán Lovagi

Outdoor illumination and floodlighting was set up in the church area, and we cleared the untended vegetation from the church hill and laid out new plants.
The roof of the church was replaced, and the new rendering displays different architectural eras. In the interior, we laid out new flooring, and the damaged parts of the frescoes were restored and missing parts repainted. The high altar, the Virgin Mary altar and the pulpit were all restored. New light fittings were installed above the pilasters to provide differentiated illumination – indirect for the vaulting and direct for the frescoes.

sketch - Church renovation and new calvary in Csehimindszent - architect: András Bakucz

The interior furnishings are all new and comprise pews, versus populum altar, lectern, chairs, confessional and sacristy furniture, all made out of oak.

András Bakucz



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