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Christmas present for the city: renewal of the main square of Százhalombatta

Százhalombatta is a developing industrial city to the south of Budapest in which the municipality tries to create a suitable and attractive centre. In the recent past, the fourth side of the main square called Szent István was built-in with blocks of flats and a new conference centre according to the plans of András Korényi and István Zoltai. Time had come to rethink the arrangement of the square, taking into account new connections, buildings and extant works of art. As a traditional plaza, the place serves as a relaxation area and meeting point for people. Traditional folk-dance festivals are also to be held here. To harness the gentle slope of the square, the team of landscape architects led by Gábor Karádi created a central “arena” for the various events with wooden terraces and interactive water elements with small pools. At the corners, green areas with grass and trees were planted to make pleasant spaces for relaxation.

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