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Characteristic community center in Óbuda

Sarolta Gaál and Donát Rétfalvi DLA designed a well composed Multifunctional Community Center in Óbuda. Distinctive architectural design, good functional layout and a multifunctional event hall are its highlights.

The starting point of the whole concept was to analyse the plans and the sections of the existing building. The proposed community center is divided into three separate units - both functionally and virtually - from each other. The connection between them is created by the entrance reception area.

The architects designed the library into the two storey building what is parallel to the corridor's longitudinal axis, while the multi-functional common space is in the former gymnasium building. The reception area and the public service functions are in the block that connects them.

The existing structures are kept partially according to the needs of the new spaces. They are strengthened, restructured and expanded with new structural elements by the architects. Open, clear design, easy to understand structure was the main goal, which supports the transparency between the levels and makes visual orientation easy. 



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